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Lanyards Attachments - Promo Lanyards


There are 7" Attachments with each lanyard you purchase, you may choose one of the following Split Ring,

Bulldog Clip, Swivel Bulldog, Swivel Hook, Rubber O-Ring, Plastic Accessory Loop, Swivel Vinyl Snap Clip


Lanyard Attachments
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Pick 7" attachments (No Charge) Split ring, Bulldog clip, Swivel bulldog, Swivel Hook, Rubber O-ring, Plastic

accessory loop, Swivel vinyl snap clip

Optional Attachments:

Lobster claw, Eagle hook, Deluxe J-Clip, Plastic swivel hook, Plastic swivel detachable hook, Plastic detachable

Bulldog, Prestige clip

Safety Breakaways and Buckles:

Optional side release buckle, Optional swivel release buckle, Optional dura breakaway

Stock Cord Colors:

Navy Blue, Purple, Red, Pink, Royal Blue, Green, White, Black

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