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OR-DGL - Dangler Style Pewter Ornaments - Ornaments


 OR-DGL - Dangler Style Pewter Ornaments
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Cash in on affordable and attractive ornaments can be mixed and matched to create a variety of styles at a great

price. Choose on of our two dangler style options: Option 1: Custom frame with custom dangler design. Option 2:

Stock frame with custom dangler design Min. qty per change: 25. Change of copy: Stock Frame: No Charge.

Custom Frame:or Custom Dangler: 90.00. Under Minimum: 150.00. Speculative / Pre-production sample:

Stock Frame/ Custom Dangler: 180.00, plus any other applicable charges. Custom frame/Custom dangler: 240.00

plus any other applicable charges. 100% refundable with an order ensuing minimum order of 100 units.

(excluding any other applicable charges).

Qty/Product 100 250 500 1000 2500
Custom Frame 13.40 11.70 11.50 11.20 11.00
Stock Frame 12.75 11.30 10.70 10.35 10.15