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CLS - Clothing Stickers - Specialty Stickers


CLS - Clothing Stickers
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Our Premiums-Plus Clothing Stickers can be easily removed from clothing without leaving behind any residue.

Designed with a special fabric adhesive, your participants can rest assured that these stickers are 100% fabric

safe. Finished in rolls of 500 stickers with perforation for easy distribution.

Now printed on our recyclable Enviroliner made with 100% recycled paper.

These stickers are great for events, corporate workshops, school functions and more. Choose our laminated

version for a durable, polished look that captures your brand or messaging in the best light. This type of sticker

also works well for games and corporate team builders where people are divided into set groups. For on the go

customization, choose our un-laminated version that participants can personalize with their name or other key


Qty/Product 500 1000 2500 5000 10000 25000
CLS01 - 2” Laminated Square 1.10 .67 .30 .17 .12 08
CLS05 - 3” Laminated Square 1.18 .77 .39 .26 .21 .16
CLS10 - 4” Laminated Circle 1.29 .89 .51 .38 .33 .30