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Optical Crystal - Trophies & Awards


Optical crystal or sandstone awards including sports trophies are sand blasted such

as the Libra Star Award, Magellan Globe, Black Crystal, Globe On Cube or the Star.

UPG904 - Alliance Award Optical

Alliance Optical

OP696 - Libra Star Award Optical

Libra Star Award

OP912 - Magellan Globe Award Optical

Magellan Globe

OP591 - Braxton Optic Award

Braxton Award

OP980 - Harmony with Black Crystal

Black Crystal

OPT1341 - Deakin Award Optical-Blue

Deakin Awards

UPG900 - Affirmation Award Optical

900 - Affirmation

OP371 - Star Obelisk Optical

Star Obelisk

OP531 - Drake Globe Award Optical

Drake Globe

OP121 - Groove Obelisk Optical

Groove Obelisk

OPT6721 - Mustico Award Optical-Black

6721 - Mustico

OP832 - Fanfare Award Optical-Blue

832 - Fanfare

UPG902 - Ascent Award Optical

Ascent Award

OP606 - Slanted Star Optical

Slanted Star

OP512 - Globe On Cube Optical

Globe On Cube

OP401 - Dakota Award Optical

OP401 - Dakota

OP620B - Corona Award Optical

620B - Corona

OPT5131 - Maldonado Award Optical-Blue


OP631 - Corner Cube Optical

Corner Cube

OP994 - Symmetry Award Optical-Black

994 - Symmetry

OP771 - Apogee Award Optical Black

771 - Apogee

OP582 - Optical Globe Award

Optical Globe

81403.19 - Crest Award

Crest Award

OPT3631 - Middlesex Award

Middlesex Award

Oct. 10/20