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Optical Crystal Awards

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Optical crystal or sandstone awards including sports trophies are sand blasted such

as the Libra Star Award, Magellan Globe, Black Crystal, Globe On Cube or the Star.

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UPG904 - Alliance Award Optical

Alliance Optical


In the Alliance Award, five smaller optical

crystal cubes are stacked securely, but in

a seemingly haphazard arrangement...

OP696 - Libra Star Award Optical

Libra Star Award

SKU: OP696

The Libra Libra Star Award is a beautiful tapered block of pure optical crystal with a

stylized angled optical star fused to the top, a distinctive

OP912 - Magellan Globe Award Optical

Magellan Globe

SKU: OP912

The 4½ inches high Magellan Globe Award is

a flawless optical crystal rectangle with a

concave circle on the back, the inner...

OP591 - Braxton Optic Award

Braxton Award

SKU: OP591

The 6 inches high Braxton is a squared block

of flawless optical crystal award with a steeply

sloped rectangular face for principal artwork...

OP980 - Harmony with Black Crystal

Black Crystal

SKU: OP980

Combining the sparkle of clear, with the warm

elegance of black optical crystal makes for an

engaging & impressive award of obvious...

OPT1341 - Deakin Award Optical-Blue

Deakin Awards

SKU: OPT1341

The 7½ inches high Deakin Award features a

clear optical crystal upright with curved sides

and angled top, a clear optic base and...

UPG900 - Affirmation Award Optical

900 - Affirmation


The Affirmation Award features two optical

crystal cubes 1 edge of the smaller attached

on a diagonal between opposite corners of...

OP371 - Star Obelisk Optical

Star Obelisk

SKU: OP371

A 10 inches high, five-sided Star Obelisk

Award in sparkling optical crystal, deep angled

cuts toward the top reveal a brilliant front...

OP531 - Drake Globe Award Optical

Drake Globe

SKU: OP531

The 3½ inches high Drake Globe Award is a

flawless optical crystal block with a concave

circle on the back, the inner surface of...

OP121 - Groove Obelisk Optical

Groove Obelisk

SKU: OP121

A tapered 6 inches high monolith of pure,

sparkling optical crystal accented with a single

groove on all four sides. A simple...

OPT6721 - Mustico Award Optical-Black

6721 - Mustico

SKU: OPT6721

In the 7 inches high Mustico Award Optical

Black, multiple deep bevels on the front and

sides taper dramatically from the base to...

OP832 - Fanfare Award Optical-Blue

832 - Fanfare

SKU: OP832

In the Fanfare Award, an imposing optical

crystal base supports a central optical wedge

fused to a series of smaller optical wedges...

Optical Crystal Awards

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Feb 20/23

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