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LED Flashlights - Theme Solutions


Personalize your flashlights with corporate logo or decorate your promotional LED

flashlights, at Sterling Promotions, we supply many items with lights such as plastic

1219 - 15 LED Flashlight and Compass

LED Flashlight

1220 - 14 LED Flashlight

LED Flashlights

1979 - Safir Elegant Torch Lighter

Torch Lighter

1612 - Aluminum Pen and Stylus with LED Lamp and Laser Pointer

Aluminum Pen

0727 - Heavy Duty Aluminum Flashlight


0601 - Tri-LED Crank Flashlight


0521 - Mini Flashlight Keychain with Screwdriver

Mini Key Holder

BRB-0730 - Mag-style Flashlight

0730 - Flashlight

0733 - 4 bit screwdriver, level and LED white light

4 bit Screwdriver

0762 - Keychain with Whistle, LED light and compass


0900 - White LED Light Key Ring

Light Key Rings

BRB-0879 - 8 Function Multi-tool with LED Light

Multi Tools

0325 - Mini Flashlight Key Ring

Light Key Ring

0358 - Key Holder with Light and Safety Whistle

Key Holders

0368 - Silver Flashlight Key Holder

Silver Flashlight

0594 - Key Ring with Lock LED Light

Key Ring /w LED

0684 - Multi-tasker Micro Lamp

Micro Lamps

0902 - Rectangular Clock / LED Light & Key Ring

Clock/LED Light

0808 - 5 LED Crank Flashlight

Crank with Light

1655 - "GAP" 3 in 1 Plastic LED Flashlight Pen

3 in1Plastic LED

1421- Plastic Pen with Lamp and Stylus

Pen with Lamp

1102 - Solar Flashlight / Radio / Cellphone Charger

Solar Flashlight

1362 - F"Belem II Pad" Metal Pen with Small LED Light

Pen LED Light

1180 - "Belem" Metal Pen with Small LED Light

Pen with LED

pens, keychain/whistle or key holders flashlights, save on energy and get some

exercise with crank flashlight printed with your logo or choose the water resistant

mag-style or the GAP - LED Flashlights 3 in one plastic pen with rubber finish grip

and clip. Personalized pen key tags or custom printed screwdrivers