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Design Worx EVA - Foam Products


Your source for personalized one colour printed as per your design, on these promo

foam items such as design worx, products, each it can be decorated with your logo

Circle Test Tube Floatie

Test Tube Floatie

Foam hockey puck

AVA Foam Puck

BK501B - AVA Foam Hokey Puck

Foam Hockey Puck

PK562 - Circle Stand

Circle Stand

Test Tube Floatie - Rectangle

Test Tube Floatie

Boomerang foam novelty

Boomerang Foam

BOT304 - Foam Bottle Waver

Foam Bottle Waver

RR504 - Shield Rally Ring Spinner Fan

Shield Spinner Fan

3 Arm Flyer

3 Arm Flyer

Airplane Puzzle

Airplane Puzzle

Dollar Sign Money Band Hat

Dollar Sign Foam Hat

Jeep Antenna Topper

Jeep Antenna Topper
EVA Colors

EVA Colour Chart

and you'll be able to order custom foam test tube floatie, foam puck, boomerang,

shield spinner fan 3 arm flyer and all kinds of puzzles as of this airplane, also one of

a kind dollar sign foam hat and for your auto, you may add your logo on one of

these car antenna toppers, auto dealers and repair shops can get a lot of "traction"

off of this fun little toy.