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Desk Nameplates Holders - Sign Holders


Discover our selection of desk sign holders, blank desk holders, and engraved door

nameplates, all plate holders are made out of solid extruded aluminum material they

58025 - Traditional Desk Nameplate Holder


58059 - Luxury Ribbed Desk Holder

Luxury Holder

Sign Holder

Sign Holder

58023 - Two Line Desk Holder

Two Line Stand

58033 - Two Sided Desk Holder

2 Sided Stand

58055 - Counter Plate Stand

Sign Stand

58035 - Counter Plate Base

Nameplate Base

P-100 - Clear Plastic Desk Base

Clear Desk Base

are durable, practical and light weight All holders are standard pre-cut to size. If

interested in the engraved plate as well, we do that as well. Choose from our wide

selection of traditional desk holders or luxury desk and pedestal desk plate holders.