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Health & Wellness Products - Business Items


12 Health & wellness promotional gifts branded with your business logo for your

clients such as Pill Boxes, white case with stainless steel cutter on the cap to split

SMQ3203 - Pill Box With Cutter

Pill Box w/ Cutter

SMQ3877 - Gel Hot / Cold Pack

Gel Hot / Cold

TA3607 - Nylon Hot/Cold Compress

Nylon Hot/Cold

SMQ3517 - Head Massager

Head Massager

SMQ3202 - Pill Box

Pill Box

SMQ3998 - Hot/Cold Gel Eye Mask

Gel Eye Mask

SMQ3213 - Round Shape Pill Box

Pill Box Round

SMQ3204 - Pill Box

Pill Box

T198 - Unisex Scrub Suit

Scrub Suit

T588 - Cotton Velour Bath Robe

Bath Robe

T918 - 60% Cotton 40% Polyester Premium Quality Pillow Case

Pillow Case

T742 - Spa/Hotel Slippers


the pill with two small compartments hold different pill or and Hot / Cold Gel pack

which Soothes Injuries by applying heat or cold to sore muscles. Put into the fridge

for 1 hour, stays cold for up to 3 hours. Put into the microwave for 20 seconds, stay

warm for 90 minutes. Oct. 16/20