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Display Accessories - Info Centers


12 of the best display accessories from including iPad stand, where you can create

a cost-effective kiosk that stands out while keeping your tablet safe. The design fits

338129 - iPad Stand Display Kit (Stand and Graphics Kit)

iPad Stand

Presto Easel

Presto Easel

255124 - EuroFit Wall Shelf

Euro Wall Shelf

256460 - 3' EuroFit A-Frame Kit

EuroFit A-Frame

338094 - iPad Display Stand

iPad Stand

230030 - EuroFit iPad and Literature Fabric Stand Kit

EuroFit Stand

230031 - EuroFit iPad and Literature Fabric Stand Hardware Only

EuroFit Lit Stand

230036 - Sail iPad Stand Kit

iPad Stand

220009G - Soft Carry Case

Soft Carry Case

230037 - Sail iPad Stand Hardware Kit Only

iPad Hardware

230050 - Sail iPad Stand Tall Kit

Sail iPad Stand

230051 - Sail iPad Stand Tall Hardware Only

Sail iPad Stand

all standard iPads. Constructed with steel and ABS plastic, heavy-duty base keeps

the display stable. we provide portable display additions including 4 season event

cooler Rppz graphic kit, keep a large volume of drinks cool while advertising indoors

or out In-molded insulation and tinted lid also iPad stand hardware & sail iPad stand