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Presentation Sets - Info Centers


Choose from a large selection of display sets, such as the ecomomy canopy kit tent,

windflag and table cloth including floor and wall mount items available In various..

ECANSET - Ecomomy Canopy Kit.

Econo Canopy

CANSET - Deluxe Canopy Kit

Deluxe Canopy

UCANSET - Ulitimate Canopy Kit

Ulitimate Canopy

33PCSET - 33.5" Retractable Banner Presentation Set

Presentation Set

108FWSET - 10' x 8' Fabric Wall Presentation Set

Fabric Wall Set

PWSET - 10' Curved Pocket Wall Presentation Display Set

Curved Wall

BST6SET - Economy Backdrop

Econo Backdrop

33TCSET - Economy Presentation Set

Economy Set

FPW12-52 - Fabric Panel Wall

5 Panel Wall

FPW12-82 - Fabric 8 Panel Wall

8 Panel Wall

FPW9-42 - 4 Panels , 2 Shelves Wall

2 Shelves Wall

FPW9-63 - 6 Panels Fabric Wall

Fabric Wall

clours, sizes and finishes to match your store or office decor such as Deluxe or

Econo Canopy or presentation display kit or the econo backdrop where Economy

Backdrop, Table Cloth and Brochure Stand Kit with 1 year Hardware Warranty and

1 year Graphic.