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Document Holders - Vinyl Products


All Vinyl Document Holders are made to order they are Custom Vinyl Document

Holders, use them to keep your important documents, also they make an excellent

HY0480 - Document Envelope

Doc Envelope

HY5000 - Presentation Box

HY5000 - Box

HY0142 - Full Colour Presentation Folders

0142 - Folders

HY0003 - Magazine Holder

003 Mag Holder

HY0141TR - Translucent Poly Presentation Folder


HY0140 - Presentation Folder

HY0140 - Folder

HY0785 - Clear Sheet Protector

Sheet Protector

HY0094 - Convention ID Badge Holder

Badge Holder

HY1038 - Clear Vinyl Envelope

Vinyl Envelope

HY0013 - Pocket Protector

0013 - Protector

HY0012 - Pocket Protector & Secretary

0012 - Protector

HY0155 - Diploma/Certificate Holder

0155 - Certificate

HY0156 - Diploma/ Certificate Holder

Diploma Holder

HY0048 - Document Holder

Doc Holder

HY0081 - Zippered Document Case

Zippered Case

HY01170 - Braille Card Signature Guide

Signature Guide

promotional giveaway. Select from a wide variety of holders including 0156 Diploma

Holder, 0480 Document or Vinyl envelope and sheet protector, you may require a

certificate holders then choose HY0155 - Certificate or 0156 - Diploma Holder which

is Holds 8.5" x 11" Diplomas. Horizontal layout. Cardboard stiffened cover. Two full

size clear vertical pockets.