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In the following 3 pages you'll find all types of Clothing Logo Printing, including our

Direct to Garment Printing T-Shirts they come in white and colored, also we print..

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T-106 - 100% Cotton Thermal Blanket 72X90

Thermal Blanket

SKU: T106

100% Cotton Thermal Blanket 72 X 90 White

and Blue These thermal blankets are soft

natural cotton. They are...

T648 - Golf Terry Towel 16x27

Terry Golf Towel

SKU: T648

Golf Terry Towel 16 x 27. Size weight and

description with grommet and hook. With

Brass grommet and hook...

T-724 - Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

Beach Towel

SKU: T726

100% Cotton Velour Cabana Stripe Beach

Towel. 30 x 60 - 12 lbs/dz. White / Blue Stripes

our 100% cotton velour...

Sublimated Rally Towel

Sublimated Rally Towel

SKU: T400

100% Microfiber for a soft suede-like touch on

your skin. Our Microfiber Rally Towels are

finished with antibacterial surface treatment...

T818 - Soft Feel Terry Hand Towel

Terry Hand Towel

SKU: T818

Soft Feel Terry Hand Towel. size, weight and

description. 16 X 27 - 3 lbs/dz. White, Black,

Navy Blue, Burgundy...

T418 - Sublimated Microfiber Rally Towe

Micro Fiber Towel

SKU: T418

Sublimated Microfiber Rally Towel 16 x 16 Size

weight and description, price include setup and

sublimation. Optional...

T-596 - 100% Cotton Economical Fitness White Towel

Fitness Towel

SKU: T596

100% Cotton Economical Fitness White Towel

22 X 44 - 6 lbs/dz. white. This fitness towel will

help to keep you cool...

T-428 - 100% Cotton Velour Tri Fold Golf Towel

Tri Fold Golf Towel

SKU: T428

100% cotton velour tri fold golf towel, complete

with brass grommet and hook an excellent

quality Tri fold Golf Towel...

White Bath Towel 25 × 50

White Bath Towel

SKU: T376

Soft feel Bath Towel. Our Cotton Towel gets only

better with every wash as the thick terry loops

bloom and absorb every drop of water on...

Trifold Golf Towel 15 × 18

Trifold Golf Towel

SKU: T822

Very well made velour golf towel to pamper your

clients with a brass grommet and hook. This

imported towel has one side plush velour...

T182 - 100% Spun Polyester Waist Apron

Polyester Waist Apron

SKU: T182

100% Spun Polyester waist apron, size, weight

and description. 7.2 oz with pocket 1X23 with

back waist ties, Black...

T256 - Golf Cart Seat Cover

Cart Seat Cover

SKU: T256

This Golf Cart Seat Cover is a 100% Cotton

Velour Fabric size 30 x 60 our most common

car seat cover, easily slide...


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