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Popup Tent Half Wall Kit


Zoom Standard 20 Popup Tent Half Wall Kit Only. The Zoom™ Standard 20ft Popup

tent half wall kit adds space for additional messaging, and also functions as a traffic



ZM-TNT-HALFWALL- Zoom Standard 20 Popup Tent Half Wall Kit Only
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barrier at high-traffic outdoor events. The half wall is available in five stock color

options, with custom printed graphics also available. Half walls provide enclosure for

the tent while also allowing air to move through the space. - Half Wall Kit for the

Zoom Standard 20ft Popup Tent. Half Wall Kit includes half wall panel (standard or

custom print), half wall pole & two brackets. Half Wall Hardware Only Kit includes

one half wall bar and two half wall mounting brackets. Half Wall Panels are available

in standard color or custom digital print.

Usage in adverse weather voids all warranties

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Price 200.00