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Around The House - Theme Solutions


Stylish promotional giveaways you need around the house, geared for real estate

business, insurance companies. Everyone can use an extra flashlight a mug or a

V9719 - Drizzle Packable Poncho

Packable Poncho

FL4910 - LED Safety Flash Light

LED Flash Light

FL8413 - LED Flashlight

LED Flashlight

PC8693 - Family Snacker Picnic Basket

Picnic Baskets

YM9289 - Exercise Slider

Exercise Slider

OR1451 - FINLEY MILL Multi-Tool™


DA3522-C - Desk Accessory Box

Accessory Box

WK6358 - Vacuum Wine Sealer

Vacuum Sealer

GP2937 - Car Safety Kit

Car Safety Kit

KP6700 - Salt and Pepper Mill Set

Salt/Pepper Mill

BQ4023 - BBQ Tool Set Mitt

BBQ Tool Set

KP8732 - Small Reusable Storage Bag

Storage Bag

EZ8919 - Smart Grab E-Z Import Microfiber Cleaning Mitt

Cleaning Mitts

BL3711 - Playing Card Holder.

Playing Cards

KC3087 - Poker Chip Key Ring

Chip Key Rings

AM5199 - Playing Cards

Playing Cards

CT3472 - 2 LED Hand Press Flashlight


CU9525 - QUINCY Wireless Charger

ABS Charger

KP9596 - 2-in-1 Scoop/Clip


WK8975 - Wooden Bottle Opener

Bottle Openers
 Feb. 27/21

wooden bottle opener, such as a plastic container, cleaning mitt or salt/pepper mill,

also wireless charger, place your phone on this device for wireless charging phone

must have inductive wireless charging enabled, no cables required, input voltage,

everything you need around the home promo items.