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Glow In The Dark Goods

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LED light up bracelets are fun for everyone. These bangle style bracelets are very

durable, shine brightly and have three separate light modes. Fast Flashing-Slower..

Fiber Optic Lamp

Fiber Optic Lamp

SKU: 1-11294

Fiber Optic Lamp 3 AA batteries not included

Price includes 1 color imprint, 1 location per

item/each. Set up...

Magnetic LED Light - Clover

Magnetic LED Light

SKU: 1-11081

Magnetic LED Light - Clover. Magnetic LED

Light - Clover Replaceable battery included

Price includes 1 color imprint...

7 Inches Glow Stick Necklace

Glow Stick Necklace

SKU: 1-11288

7 Inches Glow Stick Necklace assorted colors.

These flashy novelty necklaces provide a

flashing sound and light show...

Rotating Magic Wand 13.5 inches

Rotating Magic Wand


Rotating Magic Wand 13.5 in. Press a button

to trigger a spinning action accompanied by a

flashing light. batteries included...

LED Styrofoam Stick

LED Styrofoam Stick

SKU: 1-11592

LED Styrofoam Stick 3 AG13 batteries included

and replaceable Blue. Decoration: one color

print on a transparent sticker wrap...

5.5 inches LED and Laser Light Top

LED Laser Light Top

SKU: 1-11705

5.5 inches LED and Laser Light Top. This

incredible spinner lights up with 5 LEDs and a

laser and produces sound effects...

Luminous Hula Hoop

Luminous Hula Hoop

SKU: 1-11635

Luminous Hula Hoop. An old tradition lit

differently. Just press a button to trigger a

series of multicolored light flickers...

10 inches Light Up Butterfly Magic Wand

Luminous Magic Wand


10 inches Luminous Butterfly Magic Wand.

Print available on the handle, print size

approximately 0.5 x 2 inches...

LED Light Pen Necklace

LED Pen Necklace

SKU: 1-11558

LED Light Pen Necklace, replaceable batteries

included. Price includes 1 color imprint,1

location per item/each...

Magnetic LED Bracelet

Magnetic LED Bracelet

SKU: 1-11832

Magnetic LED Bracelet with green color light.

print size: 0.75 x 2 inches, one color only, 2

replaceable CR1220 batteries...

10.5 inches Light Wire Rotating Wand

Light Rotating Wand

SKU: 1-11634

10.5 inches Light Wire Rotating Wand. An

amazing 3D experience. Four lights attached to

tentacles spin at breakneck speed...

17 inches Luminous Butterfly Wand

Lights Butterfly Wand

SKU: 1-11539

17 inches Luminous Butterfly Wand. Simply

push a button and the flickering multicolored

lights ensue. Each subsequent...

Strobe and Steady Light Mode. LED Bracelets are excellent for birthday's, glow

parties, festivals, fairs, concerts, dances, & any other night time party event!

Brighten up your night & light up any event with these creative bangles.

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