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Light up Glasses - Promo Drinkware


Light up flashing party glasses and glow drinkware are what you need to transform

an ordinary party into an extraordinarily festive event, whatever your theme occasion

GLOWFG - Glow Fountain Glass

Fountain Glass

GLOWOFG - Glow Old Fashioned Glass

Old Fashioned

GLOWSSG - LED Short Shot Glass

Short Shot

GLOWTSC - LED Tall Plastic Shooter Glass

Tall Plastic

GLOWPG - Glow Party Glass

Party Glasses

GLOWCM - Glow Stemware Champagne Glass Multi Colour


GLOWMG - Glow Margarita Glass

Glow Margarita

GLOWMTG - Glow Martini Glass

Glow Martini

glow in the dark glasses, snaps your guests out of the fog of everyday concerns and

worries and get them in the party mood, such as GLOWPG party glass or GLOW

fountain glass personalized with your event info or highlights of the schedule.