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Corporate Promo Items


Corporate giveaway products from Sterling Promotions Inc. are printed promotional

items for your business, such as Passport Holder, Pilsners, Decanters, Key Holders

I1340CL - Gourmet French Coffee Press

Coffee Press

I1370SL - 4pc Slate Cheese Serving Set

Cheese Serving

L1280-18 - Passport/Ticket Holder

Passport Holder

L9915 - Desk Watch and Key Holder

Desk Watch

G8780CL-4BK - Verdant 16oz Pilsner Set of 4

Pilsner Set of 4

G8896CL - Pierced Decanter 34oz

Decanter 34oz

G9815CL-S - Rouge Whiskey 11oz

Rouge Whiskey

G9503CL - Amadeo Decanter


M1020SSBKX - Stanley® Stainless Steel Flask

S. Steel Flask

I1628SSX - Stanley Percolator


N9664 - Aluminum Accessory Holder

N9664 - Holder

L840-4 - Black Cosmetic Case

Cosmetic Case

L9908-1 - Magnifier Key Holder


N9910-1BK - Squeeze Me Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape

L9904-15GY - Key Holder

Key Holder

N4601-21 - Multi-Purpose Binder


L4496-21-2 - Sticky Note Holder

Note Holder

PSET-5CLCL - Acrylic Shaker Set

Shaker Set

CD102WH - Sophie Conran 5pc Coffee Set

5pc Coffee Set

M1842 - Spirit Champagne Bucket

M1842 - Bucket

PSET-4CLCL - Pitcher & Stackable Glass Set

Pitcher & Glass

PSET-3CLGR - Pitcher & Big Base Set

Pitcher Set

G9885CL - Noblesse Mug

Noblesse Mug

I1300CL-S - Selecta Whiskey Set

Whiskey Set

M8583SS - Silo Stainless Steel Canister

Silo Canister

G9597CL - Apple Mini Decanter

Mini Decanter

G0155 - Swirl Decanter & Swirl Red

Decanter & Swirl

G9501CL - Origin Decanter

Origin Decanter

L9912 - Executive Clock

Executive Clock

L807 - Chamois Car Washing Mitt

Washing Mitt

N7750-7RE - World Travel Adapter

Travel Adapter

N7750-6BL - World Travel Adapter

World Adapter

M1856 - 21oz Spirit Mule

Spirit Mule

M1854CP - Spirit Taster

Spirit Taster

M1852SS - Spirit Stemless 17oz

Spirit Stemless

M1835SS - Stainless Steel Mug

S. Steel Mug

Pitcher Sets and Mugs, with your logo in colour, Travel Adapter stainless steel mugs

Executive Clock, acrylic Pitcher Sets and office Binders, Note and Key Holders &

much more!