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New Products

Custom Lapel Pins


Custom lapel pins from sterling promotions are made to your specifications available

for you to personalize, such as the classic or die cast, pewter or screen printed also

LP-CLS - Classic Lapel Pins

Classic Pins

LP-DS-050 - Brass Die Struck Lapel Pins

DS-050 - Brass

LP-DSS-050 - Iron Die Struck Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

LP-DSS - Iron

LP-PWT-050 - Solid Pewter Lapel Pins


LP-ECN-050 - Econo Lapel Pins

LP-ECN - Econo

LP-FCL-050 - Foto Color Lapel Pins

FCL - Foto Color

LP-PHE-050 - Photo-Etched Lapel Pins

PHE - Etched

LP-SCP-050 - Screen Printed Lapel Pins

SCP - Screened

LP-STK-001 - Stock Design Awarness Pins

STK-001 - Stock

LP-STK-004 - Stock Design Patriotic Lapel Pins

STK - Patriotic

LP-STK-010 - Stock Imprintable Designs Pins

STK-010 - Stock

LP-STK-003 - Stock Motivational Designs Pins


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we have in stock pins as well, take a look at the brass die struck, iron soft enamel

or the pewter, that will give you an idea of the quality of pins we provide, if you need

standard style, you may find the stock, patriotic, or motivational pins comes in handy