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Custom Econo Drink Coaster

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These Custom Econo single firm leather Drink coasters are affordable, natural or

colored, personalized promotional drink coasters are great for business exposure..

301-CB - Cork & Rubber Coaster

Cork & Rubber

SKU: 301-CB-L

Round leather cork and rubber back coaster

This single coaster comes with or without

medallions and comes in a vinyl pouch...

301-RB - Cork & Rubber Back Coaster

Cork Coaters

SKU: 301-RB-L

Comes in a vinyl pouch, this Single Rubber

Back coaster comes with or without medallion

A custom cutting die may be required...

03-CB - Cork & Rubber Backed Coaster

Cork Back

SKU: 303-CB-L

A custom cutting die may be required for

medals, inquire for stock cutout. Square

Leather Cork Back Coaster with or...

303-RB - Cork & Rubber Back Coaster

Printed Coaster

SKU: 303-RB-L

Comes in a vinyl pouch is a Single Square

Leather with Rubber Back Coaster, with

or without medallions. A custom cutting...

303-E - Assorted Square Coaster

Assorted Square

SKU: 303-E

This is one of our Single Assorted Square

Leather Coaster. First Die and Setup are

included, additional color / imprint...

303-L - Assorted Square Leather Coaster 3 3/4"

Square Leather

SKU: 303-L

Single Assorted Square Leather Coaster is

3 3/4 inches diameter, 1st die and setup

included, additional color/imprint...

301-L Round Leather Coaster

Round Leather

SKU: 301-L

Single Round Leather Coaster printed, as per

your solid color artwork, in one or two colors,

1st Die and Setup included, additional...

301-N - Round Natural Coaster 3 3/4"

Round Natural

SKU: 301-N

Round Natural Coaster 3 3/4 inches diameter,

embossed with your camera ready artwork,

1st Die and Setup included...

301-E - Round Econo Coaster 3 3/4"

Round Economy

SKU: 301-E

Round Econo Coaster 3 3/4 inches Diameter,

printed one up to two colors as per your

supplied camera ready artwork. 1st...

301-4N - Set of 4 Coasters

Set of 4 Coaster

SKU: 301-4N

Set of 4 Natural Leather Coasters, packed in

a vinyl pouch, they can be printed or emboss

as per your design, 1st Die and Setup...

301-4L - Set of 4 Coaster

301- 4 Coasters

SKU: 301-4L

Set of 4 Round Top Grain Leather Coasters,

they can be printed as per your solid color

artwork or design supplied by client...

303-4E - Set of 4 Coasters

Set of 4 Coaster

SKU: 303-4E

Set of 4 Square Bonded Leather Coasters,

imprint $50.00 Die charge plus 20.00 set up

$.20 per color / imprint

since they cost less than some other giveaways like coffee mugs, with or without

medallion, choose from round or square shaped coasters, or custom design with

cork and rubber, single cork back, with or without medal, comes in a vinyl pouch or

the round econo coaster, 1st die and setup included in the price.

Jan 12/23

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