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Econo Leather Coasters - Promo Coasters


Economy single firm leather coasters are affordable, natural or coloured, custom or

personalized promotional drink coasters are great for business exposure since they

301-CB - Cork & Rubber Coaster

Cork & Rubber

301-RB - Cork & Rubber Back Coaster

Cork Coaters

03-CB - Cork & Rubber Backed Coaster

Cork Back

303-RB - Cork & Rubber Back Coaster

Printed Coaster

303-E - Assorted Square Coaster

Assorted Square

303-L - Assorted Square Leather Coaster 3 3/4"

Square Leather

301-L Round Leather Coaster

Round Leather

301-N - Round Natural Coaster 3 3/4"

Round Natural

301-E - Round Econo Coaster 3 3/4"

Round Economy

301-4N - Set of 4 Coasters

Set of 4 Coaster

301-4L - Set of 4 Coaster

301- 4 Coasters

303-4E - Set of 4 Coasters

Set of 4 Coaster
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 Feb. 24/21

cost less than some other giveaways like coffee mugs, with or without medallion,

choose from round or square shaped coasters, or custom design with cork & rubber,

single cork back, with or without medal, comes in a vinyl pouch or the round econo

coaster, 1st die and setup included in the price.