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Leather Coasters - Promo Coasters


Customized leather coasters with your logo, hot stamped or embossed makes great

gift, special mamogrammed leather style add richness to your business, choosing

L5660-60-3 - Single large square coaster

Hot Stamped

L652-14-1 - Deluxe Single square coaster black

Single Square

L5654-60-1 - Single small square coaster black

Single Small

L5660-60-3 - Single large square coaster brown

Large Square

L4653-21-12 - Mirror Coaster Stone

Mirror Inserts

L650-17 - Smooth Leather single square coaster

Smooth Leather

L7358-60WA - Walnut round wooden coaster


L5662-60-3 - Oval Shaped single coaster brown

Oval Shaped

L682-3 - Firm Leather single round coaster black

Firm Leather

L653-14-1 - Deluxe Single round coaster black

Deluxe Single

L5655-60-1 - Single small round coaster black

Small Round

L4GS5663-60-3 - The Missing Piece Set of 4 coaster brown

Genuine Bonded
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from our selection of wooden leather type such as the walnut round, the firm leather

coasters or the smooth leather even shaped design or the missing piece custom set

of 4 embossed brown and genuine bonded leather coasters, all made in Canada