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Flexible Magnetic Rolls - Sign Products


Magnetic rolls are thermoplastic permanent magnetic blanket with a multi magnets

polarization, designed to produce a better holding power on most metal surfaces.


Magnetic Rolls and Sheet
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Flexible Magnetic Rolls


USES: magnetic signage and graphic arts, advertising specialties, die-cut letters

and designs, toys, novelties and visual aids, sales promotion, display boards and

panels, architectural designs, appliance manufacturing. It can be die-cut and hot

stamped, sheeting has superior weatherability, the temperature range of the

coatings are designed to withstand continuous exposure up to 160F. maintains its

pliability at sub-zero weather and is resistant to ultraviolet radiation.

COLOURS: White is in stock. other colours available upon special order.

Note: Application for this product to painted metal surfaces without following the

instructions included in the box may result in damage to surface. Proflex and

Sterling Promotions Inc., will not be held liable for any damages caused due

misuse, abuse, or failure to follow the mentioned instructions and guidelines.

Available in roll stock, kiss cut or business card size, please inquire. Prices are

subject to change without notice.

Qty/Product Each Roll
66-00060G/35 - 24" X 35 ft 0.020" White Gloss 129.95
6600065G/50 - 24" X 50 ft 0.030" White Gloss 189.95
6600145/50 - 24" X 50 ft 0.015" With adhesive 132.65
6600181/50 - 24" X 50 ft 0.020" With adhesive 145.75