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Branded Utensils - Promo Products


Promotional Utensils from Sterling Promotions, choose from wide range of custom

branded kitchen gadgets, here you'll find customized kitchen utensils including BBQ

0472S - 5 Pieces BBQ Tool Set in Silver Case

BBQ Tool Sets

0994 - Glass Cheeseboard Set - 4 Utensils


0221 - Stainless Steel Corkscrew Bottle Opener

Steel Corkscrew

0820 - Portable 3 Pieces Cheese Knife & Board Set

Knife and Board

0561 - Bottle Opener/Corkscrew


0472 - 5 Pieces BBQ Tool Set In Silver Case

5 Ps BBQ Tool

0755 - Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Tools

1218 - 3 piece ceramic knife set

Ceramic Knife

8734 - Magnetic Bottle Opener

Bottle Openers

0816 - Swing corkscrew & bottle opener

Swing Openers

1273 - 3 Pieces BBQ tool set

3 BBQ tool set

1104 - Color Coated Coffee Carafe

Coffee Carafe

General Information


tool and ceramic knife sets also bottle openers, clear glass cheeseboards with wire

for cutting also, it is portable 3 pieces knife and board. Bottle opener with corkscrew

wine butler & corkscrew bottle opener with metal body covered with colored plastic.