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Metal Plaques - Letters and Logos


Metal Plaques

 Architectural Plaques

Architectural Plaques

Recognize an individual or place; capture a historic footnote;
or use a plaque for
Indoor or outdoor use signage

 Etched Plaques

Etched Plaques

These are made from virgin sheet stock that is always lead &

mercury free, the chemical etching process allows us to

reproduce even the most complex artwork onto the surface of

the metal, used in combination with cast and architectural

plaque lines etched medallions and emblems provide the

precision needed to make the perfect plaque or marker, We

can etch brass, bronze, copper and stainless steel in varying

gauges and dimensions


 ADA Plaques

ADA Plaques

Braille directional signs offers beauty, style and compliance.
Available in standard 6" x 8" x .25" with a stipple or smooth
background, or in your own custom design. Don't let ADA
signage requirements be an eyesore - order solid aluminum,
bronze & brass compliant plaques unlike other.
products, for more details please Take a look