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F236 - Rectangle Coupon Air Fresheners - Auto Air Fresheners


F236 - Rectangle Coupon Air Fresheners
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Print method(s): Screenprinting, maximum 3 colours per side

Four-colour process (4CP), glossy finish. Made in Canada

An air freshener will be seen by the same customer for more than 100 hours over the course of a 6-month period!

They provide a great return on investment as a promotional product that can be used for events, movie releases,

store openings, and so much more.

Scent List:

Apple, Cinnamon, Coconut, Fresh Lemon *, New Car *, Orange, Peach, Pine *, Potpourri,

Strawberry, Vanilla, Wildberry. * = premium scent, extra charges apply. Scent not available with AF-TS product.

Qty/Product 250 500 1000 2500 5000 Set up
Size: 3.489" x 2.635" 2.13 1.93 1.63 1.53 1.33 75.00