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Money Clips - Promo Leather


Personalized leather money holders or clips as a gift for fathers day present or shop

our selection of promotional leather products for your own use as the black passport

L9205-3 - Leather Money clip brown

Money Clips

L38-60-1 - Magnetic Money Clip Black

L38-60-1 Clip

L38-60-3 - Magnetic Money Clip brown

Magnetic Clip

L343-4 - Leather Multi-Purpose Case

Leather Case

L9010-15 - Leather Accent Money Clip

Leather Clips

L209-2-1 - Passport/Ticket Holder with Zipper black

Passport Holder

L9205-1 - Leather Money clip black

Black Clips

L9204-25BK - Money Clip & Card Holder

Money Clip

L2260-11 - Mens Wallet black

Black Wallets

L204-4-3 - Women' Leather Wallet

Women's Wallet

L1240-18 - Women's Wallet

Women's Wallet

L145-13-1 - Men's Leather Wallet

Men's Wallet

ticket holder with zipper or the black wallet and the L2200-11change and key holder,

excellent for keys and change, one zippered pocket, one card slot or the L38-60-3 -

brown magnetic money clip, single card pocket, strong magnetic clip snaps in place