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Customized Umbrellas

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Customized Umbrellas, Golf and beach Umbrellas, choose from a wide selection of our

selection of quality customized with your logo including standard Canadian and US..

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City Mover Folding Umbrella

City Folding Umbrella

SKU: UF9523

21 in. rib length, 42 in. arc Folds down to 9 inches

when closed Pongee Eight panel umbrella. Wrist

strap. Manual open/close Metal shaft, ribs...

Folding Windproof Umbrella

Folding Golf Umbrella

SKU: UF949

21 inches rib length, 42 inch arc Folds down to 10 in.

L when closed Pongee. Eight panel umbrella.

Manual open. Windproof metal shaft...

Carabiner Handle Folding Umbrella

Crip Handle Umbrella

SKU: UF991

Captain Grip Carabiner Handle Folding Umbrella

21 in rib length, 42 inches arc Folds down to 14.5

in. when closed. Pongee. Eight panel umbrella...

UF901 - Folding Umbrella

21 Rib Length Umbrella

SKU: UF901

Folding Umbrella. 21 rib length, 42 arc, folds

down to 15 In. when closed. Pongee material

with sleeve with eight panel umbrella...

Telescopic Folding Umbrella

Telescopic Umbrella

SKU: UF237-C

Folds to 11 inches when closed 190T Polyester.

Eight panel umbrella Telescopic metal shaft with

black sponge handle. Black ribs and metal tips...

Executive Umbrella

Executive Umbrella

SKU: UE910

Pongee. Eight panel umbrella. 14 mm Brown

wooden shaft with matching curved wooden

handle. Black fibreglass ribs and wooden...

Folding Umbrella

Folding Umbrella

SKU: UF904

Pongee. Eight panel umbrella. Metal shaft with

dark Brown straight wooden handle and matching

wooden top cap. Nylon string wrist strap...

Meramec Executive Umbrella

Meramec Umbrella

SKU: UE9940

Meramec Executive Umbrella 23 rib length 46

inches arc, pongee, eight panels, silver coated

underside. Push button auto open...

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Custom Umbrellas

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styles, also the Saunders Reversible Folding Umbrella. 21in. rib length, 42 inches arc, Pongee

Eight panels Auto open/close function. Hook and loop tie closure. Matching colored. Plastic

handle with wrist strap.

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