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Folding Chairs - Theme Solutions


Choose from a wide selection of comfortable, stylish and high quality custom folding

chairs including the triangle style, tripod stool or the portable cooler design chair in a

B6647 - Sport Folding Chair in a Bag

Chair in a Bag

B302 - Terrace Lounger Picnic Cooler Bag/Chair

Cooler Bag/Chair

B4049 - Three Position Adjustable Chair in a Bag

Chairs in a Bag

B4878 - Folding Chair in a Bag

Folding Chair

B4394 - Folding Chair in a Bag

Folding Seat

B383 - Compact Cooler Chair

Compact Cooler

FC38 - Beach Chair

Beach Chairs

FC620 - Collapsible Arm Chair

Collapsible Arm

1070-13 - Game Day Event Chair

Day Event Chair

1070-18 - Game Day Director's Chair

Director's Chair

FC90 - Deluxe Camper

Deluxe Camper

HB9000 - Deluxe Stadium Seat

Deluxe Seat

CC401 - Tripod Stool

Tripod Stools

CB847 - STASH SAVER Cooler Chair

Cooler Seater

HB5000 - Stadium Seat

Stadium Seat

1070-79 - Oversized Folding Chair

Oversized Chair

bag, customized with your text or logo printed in one colour or as per your design,

from a range of colours and material imprinted or embroidered on all folding chairs,

the cooler chair, collapsible chair, and the chair or the color decorated stadium seat