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Orbital Truss - Info Centers


Orbital truss displays including the dye-sub kit and the modular trade show exhibit

are customized to your specs, lengths wise truss lengths, 04 x 45° curved 08x6-way

10x10 Orbit Truss Display

10x10 Truss

20 x 10 Orb Truss Display

20 x 10 Display

Orbital Truss Accessories



junction boxes, full set of quick lock, connectors and the 20 x 10, Hercules 10 Dye

Sub Graphic Kit. all Trade Show Truss exhibite and the Modular Orbital Displays

have accessories to add on as required, such as Slot wall Hooks,Internal Shelving

and the Literature Rack which attaches easily to any Orbital Express and provides

room to display literature 10 pockets and the Orbital Podium & Counters also the

Lumina 1, 2 & 200 Display Light