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New Products

Ornamental Plates - Engraved Plates


Choose from a variety of custom engraved nameplates with aluminum holders, we

customize the plates and provide holders for them, we can laser brass and plastic

Rectagular Doorplate

35776 - Classic

Rectangular clear Doorplate

35936 - Brass

Rounded ends Doorplate

160 Round Ends

Narrow with fastening holes

062 Narrow Plate

Narrow plate with end holes

066 Classic

Long narrow Doorplate

086 Long Narrow

Rectangle Brass Doorplate

087 Brass Plate

Rectangle Brass Doorplate

061 Brass Plate

Rectangle Brass Doorplate

062 Brass Plate

Rectangle Brass Doorplate

067 Rectangle

Fantasy Brass Doorplate

069 Fancy Plate

Rectangular cut ends Doorplate

Notched Ends

Oval Brass Doorplate

091 Oval Brass

Rectangular cut ends Doorplate

092 Cut Ends

Oval high polished Doorplate

Oval Polished