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Shop Items for Personal Use, such as this 7-Day Pill Case, Serenity Gel Hot/Cold

Pack, Bolt 20-Piece First Aid Kit, Bamboo Facial Brush, these are ready made for

7-Day Pill Case

7-Day Pill Case

SKU: SM-1513

The bullet 7-Day Pill Case is a storage box that

features seven compartments and a

conveniently labeled day of the week...

Serenity Gel Hot/Cold Pack

Serenity Gel

SKU: SM-1599

The Bullet Serenity Gel Hot/Cold Pack can be

used for slight aches and pains as a hot or cold

compress. To use as a hot pack...

Bolt 20-Piece First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

SKU: SM-1520

The Bullet Bolt 20-Piece First Aid Kit is a travel

pack that includes five adhesive bandages, 4

alcohol pads, paper tape roll, 2...

Stand-Up Pocket Mirror

Pocket Mirror

SKU: SM-9447

The Bullet Stand-Up Pocket mirror has a flip

top cover that converts into a mirror stand. This

customizable stand-up mirror is...

Pocket Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit

Sewing Kit

SKU: SM-9449

The Pocket Pre-Threaded Sewing Kit comes

with 10 pre-threaded needles with assorted

thread colors, two buttons and...

Hipster 18-Piece First Aid Fanny Pack

Fanny Pack

SKU: SM-1402

The Bullet Hipster 18-Piece First Aid Fanny

Pack is a trendy way to take first aid on the go.

Made from 210D polyester, this...

Folding Lint Roller

Lint Roller

SKU: SM-9458

The Bullet Folding Lint Roller is perfect for

removing lint or pet hair from your clothing for

a neat, tidy look. Small and portable...

Bamboo Shower & Body Brush

Body Brush

SKU: 1410-75

The Bamboo Shower and Body Brush is a long

handled brush with natural exfoliating bristles

on one side and large wooden...

Bamboo Facial Brush

Facial Brush

SKU: 1410-74

A natural solution to skin care, the Bamboo

Facial Brush includes micro-fiber, textured

bristles to allow for the ultimate...

Disposable Gloves - GLOVES - Bulk

Gloves - Bulk


Disposable Gloves bulk. Powder free gloves

offer superior dexterity and durability when

handling a variety of objects, with the...

Thermometer Kit - PC-WIPES-POUCH-THERM

Thermometer Kit


Thermometer Kit each sanitizer travel kit comes

packaged in a paper pouch with full colour

imprint. Includes 1 NEW Canadian...

Vanity 7-Piece Personal Care Kit

Personal Care Kit

SKU: SM-9481

The Bullet Vanity 7-Piece Personal Care Kit

includes a zippered case with an open top

pocket on front cover, this handy...


Pack, Bolt 20-Piece First Aid Kit, Bamboo Facial Brush, these are ready made, they

can be personalized with your establishment name along with your logo and

information screen or pad printed or one colour hot stamped

Feb 21/23

Personal Care Items