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PPE Equipment - Web Exclusives


Shop Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), these are ready made such as adults

and children Face Mask, disposable or cotton, also Isolation Gowns, Face Shields

MSK-225 Non Medical Disposable Mask - 3 ply

Disposable Mask

MSK 222 - 100% Cotton Face Mask

Cotton Mask

RIG YEL 01 - Reuseable Isolation Gown

Isolation Gown

MAR 111 - Disposable Isolation Gown


MSK 221 - Sublimated Face Mask

Face Mask

T716 - 100% Cotton Bandana

Cotton Bandana

MSK220 - 100% Cotton Youth Face Mask

Youth Mask

T-198 - Unisex Scrub Suit

Scrub Suit

PBB0263 - Carbon Filter Mask

Carbon Filter

PBB0200 - Nitrile Gloves (Box of 50 Pairs)

Nitrile Gloves

PBB0202 - Vinyl Gloves (Box of 50 Pairs)

Vinyl Gloves

PBB0252 - 3 Ply Civilian Mask

Disposable Mask
Gloves, bandanas, Youth Masks, sanitizers, Nitrile & Vinyl Gloves and Scrub Suits