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Custom Promotional Glassware

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Shop from our selection of Custom Printed Promotional Glassware, these Custom

Etched Glassware and all our tumblers are available at Sterling Promotions you may..

1/2 Litre Decanter

1/2 L Decanter Glasses

SKU: G796

0.5L. G796, 1/2 Litre Decanter Glasses are

also available in 1L G797, custom printed

design is available in one color on...

L22 - Candy Jar With Lid

Candy Jar w/ Lid

SKU: L22

22 oz. Glass Candy Jar has a rounded lid and

a sturdy structure to hold in its contents. you

may add your logo or design in one...

L15 - Candy Jar With Lid

15 oz. Candy Jar

SKU: L15

Candy Jar With Lid 15 oz. Glass Candy Jar,

you may add your logo or design in one color

on 1 location. Product Details Charges...

Titan Beer Mug

Titan Beer Mug

SKU: G115-720

This Titan Beer Mug. is 17 oz. Beer Stein Mug

is made with durable glass and has a thumb

rest on its handle. A behemoth glassware...

12 oz. Atlas Wine Glass - R3057

Atlas Wine Glass

SKU: R3057

12 oz. Atlas Wine Glass.

Imprint size of 1.5 x 1.5 inches. as low as:

$6.09 Set up Charges: $50 / color...

HIBALL Glass - G53224


SKU: G53224

HIBALL Glass comes in 12.5oz. Item #

PG41556. Hi Ball Drinking Glasses Max

imprint size 2 x 2 inches. as low as...

Good Morning Mug - TG262

Morning Mug

SKU: TG262

Good Morning Mug. 12oz glassware is made

up of a tapered clear glass design. Perfect

mug for early mornings and breakfast...

G1217 - Celtic Beer Mug

Celtic Beer Mug

SKU: G1217

13 oz. Celtic Glass Beer Mug is 53/8 in. high

and 27/8 inches diameter wide rim It is a great

fit for any beer lover who drinks ale...

G19188- The Square Shot - Promo Shot Glasses

The Square Shot Glass

SKU: G19188

The Square Shot Glass. 2.25 oz. shot glass

that is made with a square shape to feature a

more modern style of shot glass...

Multi Purpose Glass - NEV576

Multi Purpose Glass


Multi Purpose Glass 12.25oz. has a slender

shape to add a classy feel to your drink. The

imprint size for this glass is 2 x 2...

L0590 - 5.25 oz. Party Taster Glass

Party Taster Glass

SKU: L0590

This 5.25 oz party taster glass is the traditional

drinking cup but with a twist and is great for

any drink sampling like the Beer...

Mason Glass Jar - SQmason

Mason Glass Jar

SKU: SQmason

15 oz Mason Glass Jar has a square shape

with MASON embossed around the top. There

is large head space compared to...

personalize them with your logo or business information to show and keep with your

clients, they are specialty products including the candy Jar with lid, titan beer mugs or the

aristocrat tumblers, branding your company, we're positive here you'll find the promo

glassware you're looking for.

Promo Drinkware