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Electronics - Theme Solutions


Our selection of Personalized Electronics and technology products are perfect for

promotional giveaways includes Key Commander Wireless Keyboard, Adjustable

CU6407-C - Mini Folding Wireless Keyboard

Mini Keyboard

Phone Pal Phone Holder

Phone Holders

HS2111 - Private Eye Swivel

Eye Swivel

CU8498 - Credit Card Cable Organizer

Cable Organizer

CU9339-C - Electro Slim UL Certified 2500 MAH Power Bank

Power Bank

Smart Phone Wallet

Phone Wallets

CU9304 - Overdrive UL Certified 4000 MAH Power Bank

Overdrive Bank

ZURICH Pen Stylus

Pen Stylus

CU9098-C - All-Night Wireless Speaker

All-Night Speaker

BENDY Holder Magnetic Clip

Magnetic Clips

OR2902 - BOLTRON™ Wireless Charging Pad

Charging Pad

2HS2303 - COCONUT™ Wireless Speaker


Smart Wallets

Ear Muff Headphones


SL8567 - Tablet Sleeve

Tablet Sleeves

OR2910 - JUICEBOX 4400 MAH Power Bank

Power Bank

CU9388 - MAUNA KEA Stand/Phone Holder

Phone Holders

CU6386 - Dyno Plastic Card Holder

Card Holders

CU9451 - ATOMIC 3-IN-1 Charging Cable in Case

Charging Cable

CU9378 - Rock Wire USB Hub

Wire USB Hubs

headphone set, smart phone wallets, all in one electronics holders, ear muff

headphones and ATOMIC 3-IN-1 charging cable in a case, includes three charging

adaptors compatible with: USB-C, micro and Apple® devices also Rock Wire USB

hub one connector at a time, 4 port. Slip into your laptop bag for easy travel