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Custom Trade Show Bags

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12 Custom trade show bags, decorated, or blank, custom printed totes are a great

way to draw attention to your company at the show event, some of them are small..

1337 - Three Tone Stich Tote

3Tone Stich Tote

SKU: 1337

Three tone stitch bag with insulated

compartment, this Three Tone Stitch Tote

comes with zippered pocket...

1520 - SECOND LIFE Collection Shopping Bag

Shopping Bags

SKU: 1520

This Second Life Collection Shopping Bags

comes with 2 long straps, all materials used to

manufacture this bag...

1476 - Shopping Bag

Shopping Tote

SKU: 1476

This Shopping bag is made of JUCO with

black or chocolate color handle decorated

as per your artwork or logo...

0207 - Handy Non-woven Tote Bag

Non-woven Bag

SKU: 0207

Non-woven handy tote bag made of

polypropylene, it is machine washable.

Additional Info: If you wish...

1474 - Shopping Bag


SKU: 1474

The Polyester shopping bag comes with zipper

closure and Inside small nylon pocket, your

design can be...

1353 - Non-woven Fashion Thermo Tote Bag


SKU: 1353

Non-woven Polypropylen Thermo Tote Bag

cooler polyester and two-tone striped pattern

and straps for carrying...

0271 - Non-woven Tote Bag

Non-woven Bag

SKU: 0271

This Non-woven tote bag is black color two

printed artwork, feel free to customize it with

your design. Bulk packaging...

1343 - Handy Non-woven Tote Bag

Handy Tote

SKU: 1343

Handy Non-woven Tote Bag made of

polypropylene, machine washable, bulk. Size,

Handles: 1 x 23 1/2 inches...

BAG-1139 - Eco-foldable "in a pocket" Tote Bag


SKU: 1139

Folds into a small triangular shape pocket.

Small pocket an eco-foldable in a pocket

Tote Bag shown as the...

1345 - Convention Tote

Convention Tote

SKU: 1345

This Two Tone Convention Tote with 23 inches

long handles. Inside nylon pocket with zipper.

Zip closure...

1339 - Non-woven Shopping Bag

Grocery Bags

SKU: 1339

This custom printed non-woven shopping bag

with easy carry handles and reinforced

stitching, rectangular...

1879 - Convention Document Bag

Convention Bag

SKU: 1879

This Convention document holder is made out

of Oxford Material, it can be customized with

your logo...

such as our convention bags or large size as the non-woven shopping bag or the

environmentally friendly eco-foldable. You can make big impression at your next

trade show event with urban or foldable tote bag with your name or logo printed

Sept 25/23

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