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Plantable Promotional Products

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Promotional Plantable Products - including Bookmark or Mini Mailer and Gift Card

Seeded Holder such as Zippered Binder or Seed Packets. Promotional seed packets

Direct Print Seeded Paper Custom Shapes - SP-DP-CUSTOM

Custom Shapes

SP-MAILER - Mini Mailer Seeded Paper

Mini Mailers

SP-TREE-BAG - Tree In A Recycled Bag Kit

Tree in a Bag

SP-DP-WRIST - Direct Print Seeded Paper Wristbands


SP-DP-TAG - Seeded Paper Gift Tags

Paper Tags

SP-DP-INVITE - Direct Print Seeded Paper Invite

Invitation Paper

SP-DP-WINETAG - Seeded Paper Wine Bottle Tags

Wine Bottle Tags

Direct Print Seeded Paper Door Hangers - SP-DP-DH

Door Hangers


Seed Packets

SP-TREE-4CPBOX - Tree In A Full Colour Box Kit

Tree Colors

SP-DP-GIFTCARD - Direct Print Seeded Paper Gift Card Holder

Gift Card Holder

Seeded Paper Panel Cards - SP-DP-PC

Panel Cards

Promo Products


are available in too many colors. Printed seeded and jumbo sized bookmarks size is

2-1/2 x 7-3/4 in. with 2 x 2 in. shaped seed paper, printed on 12 pt. coated stock or

tree color which it is In a box kit, 1 peat moss planting pot, seed starter puck, 1

packet containing approx.

Aug 07/22