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Social Distancing Badge - Protection Equipment


EGID Social Distancing Badge / 100% autonomous!. A distancing badge that allows

the wearer to ensure that people approaching them are within the distance currently



Social Distancing Badge
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recommended by the Public Health of Canada. If not, a light signal is emitted

warning people of non-compliance with the distancing measure. As for the badge

holder, a vibration warns him of the situation. $ 139.95 / badge (discount price with

the purchase of a box of 3 or 10 badges). Each badge includes 1 USB cable for

recharging the battery. The badge is available in boxes of 1, 3, or 10 units.

Our individual distancing badge is perfect for all types of businesses such as:

Retail and food stores. Car dealers. Gas stations. Drugstores. Hotels. Banks. Office

workers. Sales representatives. Events and congresses.

CAUTION: Due to the magnetic attachment, the badge must not be worn by a

person with a cardiac simulator, unless the attachment system is changed by a pin.

One pin with a sticker is provided per box.

Box of 1 badge: $ 139.95

Box of 3 badges: $ 389.85 ($ 129.95 / unit)

Box of 10 badges: $ 1,199.50 ($ 119.95 / unit)

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Price 139.95