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SALUTO Hanging Banner Kits

SKU: 35522

The SALUTO hanging banner poles are economical and reusable and are designed

to utilize unused ceiling and wall space to create high visual impact. Manufactured..

SALUTO Hanging Banner Kits

from 5/8 in., 15mm aluminum alloy tubing

hardware they are lightweight, strong and

durable and will not warp like wooden dowels.

They're sold as kits, each kit containing a top

and a bottom bar. Three convenient sizes are

available. Use with or without the center

hanging eye bolts, depending on the size and

weight of the banner. If they are not required,

they can simply be removed. If they are, a slit will need to be cut in the top pole pocket of

the banner to allow for the extra eyebolt to protrude through the vinyl or fabric. They are

the popular choice to display single or double-sided banners with pole pockets at the top

and bottom. They are ideal for locations such as: Retail stores and shopping malls. Car

showrooms. Trade shows and conventions. Indoor events. School pennants. Specs: Durable

5/8 in 15mm aluminum construction. Use with banners with 2” pole pockets. No limit to the

length of the banners. Banners can be single or double sided. Simple and easy to install and

replace banners. Economical and cost effective. Silver in colour with black plastic end caps.

Kits available off the shelf in three sizes. AVAILABLE SIZES: SKU 35522 - SALUTO Hanging

Banner Kit - 24 inches 35524 - 36 in. 35526 - 48 inches.

Qty/Product Each
Price SKU 35522 - SALUTO Hanging Banner Kit - 24" 35.00
35524 - 36 in 45.00
35526 - 48 in 55.00

Jan 08/24

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