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Custom Towels - Textile Products


With a completely new line of polyester, poly/cotton and performance cooling towel

products, along with the Custom Dye-Sublimated Towels, that fits any promo need.

KT1518C - Colored Back Towel

Colored Towel

KT1518PC - EPICOLOR Cotton Poly Towel

Cotton Poly

KT1518DS - EPICOLOR Dual Sided Towel

Dual Sided Towel

KT1518P - EPICOLOR Premium Rally Towel

Rally Towel

KT1118 - EPICOLOR Promo Rally Towel

Promo Rally

KT1518S - EPICOLOR Standard Rally Towel

Standard Towel

KT1625 - EPICOLOR Sport Rally Towel

Sport Rally Towel

KBT3560 - EPICOLOR Deluxe Beach Towel

Deluxe Beach

JBT4260 - Jersey Beach Towel

Deluxe Towel

KBT3060 - EPICOLOR Premium Beach Towel

Beach Towel

KBT2858 - EPICOLOR Promo Beach Towel

Promo Towel

JTG2223 - EPICOLOR Jersey Golf Towel

Jersey Golf

JTK2223 - EPICOLOR Cooling Jersey Towel

Cooling Jersey

KT1236 - EPICOLOR Cooling Towel

Cooling Towel

JTK1718 - EPICOLOR Jersey Cooling Towel

Cooling Towel

JT1718 - EPICOLOR Jersey Towel

Jersey Towel

JT2223 - EPICOLOR Jersey Towel


JT2223B - Jersey Towel Blue

Jersey Blue

JB5745 - EPICOLOR Jersey Banner

Jersey Banner

SU631-7 - Team Towel in Plush Velour

Towel in Plush

SU609-8 - Team Towel

Team Towel

SU178-8 - Microfiber Team Towel

Microfiber Towel

SU210W-3 - Team Towel in Microfiber dri-Lite

Microfiber dri-Lite

SU463W-3 - Team Towel in Microfiber dri-Lite Terry

Team Towel
Mar. 24/21