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Custom First Aid Kits

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Latex Free Bandages, 1 Extra Large Bandage, 1 Moist Towelette and 1 Antiseptic

Towelette and a Healthy Guidelines Insert, this kit is one of the many Personalized..

NG100L - Large Size Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile Gloves

FA1000 - Hand Sanitizers and Wipes

Hand Sanitizers

FA126 - Travel Kit In Zippered Pouch

Travel Kit

FA130 - Protective Face and Gloves Pack

Protective Pack

FA119 - 10 Piece Healthy Antiseptic Pack

Antiseptic Pack

FA120 - 11 Pcs Antiseptic And Protective Health

Protective Health

5273 - “Ez carry Kit 2” 8 piece First Aid Sun Kit

First Aid Sun Kit

5262 - “HEAL-ON-THE-GO L” 10 Piece Economy First Aid Kit

10 Piece First Aid

5261 - “HEAL-ON-THE-GO” 7 Piece Economy First Aid Kit

7 Piece First Aid

52564 - “OUCHIE” 6 Piece Bandage Dispenser

6 Piece Bandage

5230 - “RIVERSIDE” 13 Piece First Aid Kit

13 Piece Kit

5225 - “PARKWAY” 7 Piece First Aid Kit


Promo Products


First Aid Kits that we provide including Nitrile Gloves Hand Sanitizers Mini Travel Kits

First Aid Sun Kit Antiseptic Pack and just the pouches or containers, all decorated

with your logo or message including colour printed text.

Aug 08/22