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Personalised Carabiners

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15 Personalised Carabiners with Your Logo for your choice of our promotional giveaways,

they can be one or 4 color printed complete with woven straps, customized as per..

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765CARBW - 3" Carabiner (Flat Side) with Strap and Key Ring

3 inches Carabiner Flat


3 inches Carabiner, Flat Side with Strap and

Key Ring, printed sticker 5/8 x 1-1/16 on metal

plate: Laser imprint...

765CARC - 3" Carabiner Printed Sticker

4 Color Carabiner Print


Flat Side with strap and key ring this 3 inches

Carabiner with Printed Sticker 5/8 x 1-1/16 on

metal plate...

OS765CARW - Carabiner 2-1/4" (Flat Side)

Flat Side Carabiners


Thin Polyester - Choice of 30 Available Stock

Colors : White, Black, Pantone #266C 195C,

201C, Carabiner...

OS765CARP - Carabiner 2-1/4" (Flat Side) Screen Printed Strap

Screen Prin Carabiner


Carabiner 2-1/4 inch, Flat Side - with Screen

Printed Strap with Strap and Key Ring Screen

Printed 1 PMS Color...

S765CARW - Carabiner 2-1/4" (Flat Side) - With Woven Strap

Woven Strap Carabiner


Carabiner 2-1/4 in., Flat Side with Strap and

Key Ring, woven 1 PMS Color on strap Thin

Polyester - Choice of 30...

0198 - Carabiner hook - 8 cm

Carabiner Hook Style

SKU: 0198

These Carabiner Hook Style is 8 cm all laser

engraved with your personalized logo or

information and all...

Carabiners With Printed Straps, Standard

Carabiner Printed Strap


Carabiners with printed Straps, standard Aluminum

carabiners with printed strap Available in 12 metallic

colors: black, purple, yellow, red, pink, salmon...

0326 - Carabiner with Web Strap and Key Ring

Web Strap Carabiner

SKU: 0327

Carabiner with web strap and key ring

individually bagged, laser engraving included

you may choose logo, text...

Custom Carabiners

1 - - 2

your design to showcase the credibility of the business you run, so for your next

promotional event, have some of these key holders branded on the clip or the one with web

strap, key ring with printed lanyard, flashlight in a gift box also great idea.

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