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Custom Printed Wind Flags

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Wind flags including the teardrop, it is single or double sided banners, full color dye

sublimation, they're Ideal for trade shows, point of sale or presentations, quick setup

WF-TXS-R - 6' Teardrop Wind Flag

6' Single Face

WF-2TXS - 6' Teardrop Wind Flag Kit - Double Sided

6' Double Print

WF-TS - 8' Tear Drop Wind Flag Kit - Single Sided

8' One Side Flag

WF-2TS - 8' Tear Drop Wind Flag Kit - Double Sided

8' Two Sides

WF-SXS-R - 7' Shark Fin Wind Flag Kit - Single Sided

7' Shark Fin

WF-2SXS-R - 9' Shark Fin D.

7' Double Print

WF-SS-R - 10' Shark Fin Flag

9' Printed Fin

WF-2SXS-R - 10' Shark Fin D.

9' High Banner

WF-TL-R - 14' Tear Drop Wind Flag only - Single Sided

14' Tear Drop

WF-PS - Threaded Spike

Threaded Spike

WF-WB - Car Wheel Base for Wind Flag

Car Wheel Base

WF-CBW - Cross Base / Water Bag

Base Bag

Custom Displays


dye sublimated fabric, also we supply Shark Fin, Blade, and Rectangle wind flags

also we provide accessories for the above products, such as threaded spike, car

wheel base and bag. All part of the Info centers display items.

Mar. 21/22