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Custom Front Loading Snap Frames


Custom Front loading style, these Snap Frames are affordable and great-looking, they

are highly attractive frames with modern appearance that will enhance your graphics..

Snap Frames

Changing graphics has never been easier!

Just snap open the sides, remove old graphic,

and replace with new. Substrates will work up

to 80 pt thickness comes in both black painted

aluminum or silver anodized, for indoor use

only and comes fully assembled please inquire

about custom sizes and quantities. Profile overlaps poster 6.8 mm and is 5/8 inches in depth

for the small size frames and it is 12 mm and 5/8 in. depth for the larger size frames. Includes

card stock backing and clear plastic protective cover.

Model Number Width Height Depth Color Each
811 - Snap Frames Thin Profile 8.5 inch 11 5/8 Sat/Blk 38.15
1114 11 14 5/8 Sat/Blk 47.49
2228 - 1 inch Wide Profile 22 28 5/8 Sat/Blk 74.48
2436 24 36 5/8 Sat/Blk 94.09

Jan 23/24

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