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New Products

Mixed Promo Items - Novelty Products


Choose from these miscellaneous promotional products, there are many of mixed

novelty items, all custom printed, engraved or hot stamped with your logo or design

Miscellaneous Items


CL001 - Paper Clip with Magnet

Paper Clips

LT001 - Luggage Tag

Luggage Tags

Mints and Toothpicks

Mint & Toothpick

O822 - Robotic Screen Cleaner

Screen Cleaner

Plastic Luggage Tag

Plastic Tag

Mini Notebook

Mini Notebook

Lens Cleaner Container

Lens Cleaner

Magnetic Clip

Magnetic Clip

DSK180 - Ashley Business Card Holder Aluminum

Card Holder

LT002- Plastic Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag

O701 - Modern Digital Desk Caddy

Desk Caddy

they are affordable as giveaway items, such as mints and toothpicks, paper clips

plastic luggage tags, lens clean containers, magnetic clips, electronics holders,

stationery boxes, aluminum tire guage, plastic luggage tag and stationery box with

notepad, staplers, combination sticky notepad and 5-colored sticky flags.