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Sports Trophies - Trophies & Awards


Optical crystal or sandstone awards including sports trophies are sand blasted such

as the Clear or Black Hockey Puck or Arena, Ice Skate, Shooting Ball or the Golfers

SKT200 - Arena Award Jade

Arena Award

SKT100 - Ice Skate 5/8" Starfire

Ice Skate 5/8"

PWT150J - Clear Hockey Puck Jade

Clear Puck

OP993 - Hockey Puck Optical Black

Black Pucks

GLF200 - Shooting Ball Granite-Jade

Shooting Ball

GLF220 - Ball on Tee Jade

Ball on a Tee

GLF300 - Golf Bag Award Jade

Golf Bag Award

GLF310 - Female Golfer Award Jade

Female Golfer

GLF100 - Golf Driver & Ball Jade

Driver and Ball

GLF320 - Male Golfer Award Jade

Male Golfers

GLF400 - Dunlop Golf Award Jade-Marble

Dunlop Golf

OP993K - Hockey Puck on Base Black Optical

Hockey Puck

Oct. 10/20