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Sticky Note Pads - Printed Products


11 Items from our selection of sticky notes and note pads to choose from including,

with adhesive, custom sticky, promotional, memo & venezia quilted memo pad set,

LG-9354 - Venezia Quilted Memo Pad Set

Memo Pad

PL-2839 - Emoti Memo Pad

Emoti Pads

PL-4261 - Pocket Jotter with Stickies


PL-2840 - Doctor and Nurse 3-D Sticky Pad

3-D Sticky

PL-4272 - Hard Cover Sticky Flag Jotter Pad

Sticky Flags

SA774013 - Custom Micro Sticky Book™

Sticky Book™

PL-3826 - Business Card Sticky Pack

Card Sticky

PL-4410 - Eco Mini-Sticky Book with Ruler


PL-4412 - Four Chapters of Stickies

4 Chapters

PL-0467 - Custom Sticky Book

0467 - Custom

PL-4260 - Eco Stowaway Sticky Jotter with Pen

Sticky Jotters

MB180 - Duo Sticky Notepad & Phone Stand

Sticky Notepad

sticky flags, paper with PET flags, includes six assorted translucent sticky page

flags, Card, plus five assorted page markers also Mini-Style, recycled cardboard

cover with five assorted 25-page flags, custom made Jotter and personalized notes