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Ticket & Passport Holders - Vinyl Products


Custom printed vinyl ticket and passport holders can hold either airline ticket or

passport, made out of standard and non standard vinyl, all custom passport holders

HY0080 - Passport Ticket Holder

0080 Passport

HY0370 - Passport Holder0370 Holder

HY0375 - Deluxe Family Passport Holder

Passport Holder

SALISBURY - Deluxe Travel Document Holder


HY0053 - Luggage / ID Tags

Luggage Tags

HY0355 - Wrap-Lock Luggage Tags

0355 - Tags

and travel document wallets are custom made and decorated either screen printed

or hot stamped with your design on one or more sides such as 0370 Passport

Holder, Deluxe Family Passport Holder, it is 2 clear vertical inside pockets, Holds 2

passports. Size: L 4 x H 5.3 inches. Imprint Size: L 3.5 x H 3 inches and the logo

customized Passport Ticket Holder