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Custom Tote Bags - Textile Products


Shop promotional and non woven tote bags or felt convention style are an extremely

popular & economically priced tote bags that comes in a wide variety of colors. Give

NW8008 - Jumbo Non Woven Tote

Jumbo Tote

TO8483-C - Stone Paper Tote

Stone Paper Tote

Mini Non Woven Tote

Mini Non Woven

TO9039 - Bree Heat Sealed Laminated Tote Bag

Laminated Tote

Mid Size Non Woven Tote

Mid Size Totes

NW6351 - AH-YA - Oversize Non Woven Tote

Oversize Bag

TO9242 - ANDOVER WAY Small Laminated Bag

Small Laminated

NW8924 - Non Woven Business Bag

Non Woven Bag

Non Woven Mini Stripe Tote

Mini Stripe Tote

Recycled Fashion Tote


Extra Large Recycled Shopping Tote


Mini Multi-stripe Recycled Tote

Mini Multi-stripe

Mid Size Fashion Tote

Mid Size Fashion

Woven Tote Bag

Woven Tote Bag

NW6768 - Non Woven Canada Tote

Canada Tote

Cotton Tote

Cotton Totes

Double Handle Non Woven Tote

2 Handle Bags

Tri-Colour Cotton Tote

Tri-Colour Cotton

Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

Cotton Canvas

Cotton Canvas Tote Bag

Cotton Canvas

Rope Canvas Tote

Rope Canvas

NW4699-C - Non-woven Two Colour Tote

Two Colour Tote

P7658 - GATHER Small Mesh Produce Bag

Mesh Produce

TO9222-C - Bring 'er Tote Bag

Bring 'er Tote
 Mar. 15/21

your next convention, trade show or promotion that extra advertising edge. An eco

friendly alternative to plastic bags, printed or blank, laminated cooler bag, including

the cotton canvas or environmentally friendly tote bags imprinted or blank