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Packaging Tapes - Vinyl Products


Printed Packaging Tapes, available in white poly and PVC plastic or clear poly. they

are Specialty Tapes, every specialty tape are custom quoted, based on the type of

Clear Poly Tape

Clear Poly Tape

White Poly Tape

White Poly Tape

White PVC Tape

White PVC Tape

product and the design please contact Customer Service. Freezer tape: Available in

all colours and designs. It is made out of clear acrylic polypro, freezer tape adheres

to products stored in temperatures as low as -40°C. Excellent for food packaging

due to resistance to low temperature, U.V. light and chemicals. Stock tapes: White

tape printed in red from a selection of standard imprints we offer: POLYPRO 48mm

(2") x 66m (215') PVC 48mm (2") x 66m (215’)