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These Leisure Products Ideas are made from lightweight durable Lycra material,

features a water resistant zipper surrounded by reflective trim it is one of many..

107 - Jumbo Hand Clapper

Jumbo Clapper

Hand Clapper

1206 - Mesh Paddle, Ball & Birdie Game

Paddle & Birdie

Fanny Pack

1900 - Smart Belt Waist Pack

Belt Waist Pack

1262 - Clear Stadium Bag

Stadium Bag

1886 - Light Up Safety Shoe Clip

Safety Shoe Clip

1887 - Light Up Safety Shoe Clip Set

Shoe Clip Set

217 - Deluxe Flip Flop

Deluxe Flip Flop

1895 - Round Reflective Zipper Pulls

Zipper Pulls

1896 - Diamond Reflective Zipper Pull

Reflective Pull

1203 - Desktop Magnetic Dartboard


featured in the following pages The adjustable comfort stretch belt has an

approximate span of 26 - 60 inches which fastens securely via a side release buckle

The ear bud slot provides added convenience.

Feb 21/23

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