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Promotional Gift Collections

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These 24 top promotional Collections that you can customize with your logo for gift

giveaways or trade shows attendees, they are best seller promotions, they can be..

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B303 - Patio Cooler

Polyester Patio Cooler

SKU: B303

Patio Cooler 600D Polyester cooler with pop-up

steel stand. Waterproof and heat sealed

insulation. Leakproof...

B301-BK - Impression Picnic Bag

Picnic Backpack

SKU: B301-BK

Impression Personalized Picnic Backpack is.

1200D polyester. Performance picnic set. 2

plates, 2 cups, 2 napkins...

LT001 - Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag

SKU: LT001

Suite case style Custom plastic Luggage Tag,

single position decoration included in all prices

unless indicated...

Bambus Bottle & Tumbler Gift Set

Bottle and Tumbler

SKU: G552-557

The beautiful Bambus bottle and tumbler gift set

includes our Bamboo twist-lid Greenstone bottle

and matching Eduardo tumbler with a bamboo...

G111 - Zoom Golf Monocular

Golf Zoom Monocular

SKU: G111

Golf Monocular. Improve your approach shots.

6X golf monocular with Zoom finger groves for

secure grip, packaged...

U790 - Compact Umbrella

Compact Umbrellas

SKU: U790

Custom Compact Umbrellas. 170T polyester

fabrication. Light weight, aluminum shaft and

frame. Plastic handle with...

B320-BK - Ultimate Picnic Bag

Picnic Backpack

SKU: B320-BK

Personalized Picnic Backpack made with

durable 600D polyester, features fleece

blanket, place setting for...

BWA201 - Benevento Wine Bottle Holder

Wine Bottle Holder


Benevento Wine Bottle Holder. Proper wine

storage is critical to maintain the quality of your

wine. Our sparkling crystal...

BWC5756 - Arellano Decanter and Lid

Decanter and Lid

SKU: BWC5756

Arellano Decanter and Lid. The refreshingly

unique arellano crystalline decanter and lid is

composed of 3 sides...

BWC9083 - Portofino Carafe and Wine Set

Portofino Carafe

SKU: BWC9083

Carafe and Wine Glass Set, the Portofino lead

free crystalline carafe is the perfect multi-use

carafe for any occasion...

Eduardo Tumbler & Speaker Gift Set

Tumbler and Speaker

SKU: G557-269

This charming gift set includes our popular

Eduardo Double Walled 12oz Tumbler, paired

with our Bluesy multi-colored...

Sandown Decanter - BWC6456

Whiskey Decanter

SKU: BWC6456

The Stunning Lead-Free 30 oz Personalized

Whiskey Decanter, the Crystalline Sandown

Decanter features a beautiful...

Promotional Gifts

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best corporate gifts, these are unique and affordable promotional gift items

that can help you in your marketing campaign, you may choose to have them

personalized with your design or just blank or you might offer these items for

corporate achievement and recognition gifts. At Sterling Promotions we provide

quality customized gift products for home and office.

Promotional Products