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Winter Accessories - Seasonal Products


Use these Winter Promotional Accessories and stay cozy and warm, they make an

excellent gifts giveaway, all these custom cold weather collections are to help you

50-165XP - Air Compressor W/ Tire Gauge

Air Compressor

99-315 - Hi-Intensity 3W Cobb Lantern

Cobb Lantern

XP-707 - Kidde® 13 Ft. 2 Storey Escape Ladder

Escape Ladder

25-703B - 5-in-1 Survival Whistle/Compass


PSS-0002 - Power Tower w/ USB Charging Station

Charging Station

XP-728x - Power Bank w/ Protective Cover (2200 mAh)

Power Banks

XP-733 - Multifunction Power Bank Power Station

Power Stations

SW3100 - 24" Snow Brush

24" Snow Brush

63-039XP - 60" Deluxe Telescoping Snowbrush

Telescop Brush

1002657 - Ice Scraper

Ice Scraper

SW2005 - 9 Inch Scraper

9 Inch Scraper

50-160 - Power Station w/ Air Compressor (260 PSI)

Power Station

dual function 150 PSI compressor/inflator includes 2 separate motors, low volume

high pressure for tires and high volume/low pressure for large inflatables, Inflates a

car tire in 6 minutes; Inflates a double air mattress in 2.5 minutes, or the power bank

station, it is all-in-one portable unit combines Intelligent booster cables suitable for

everyday use or emergencies. 11/09/20