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iXtreme 3d - ID Wristbands


This revolutionary wristband truly is the flagship item, applying lenticular technology

to the wristband feature literally gives sponsors a new way of getting their messages


iXtreme 3d Wristbands

into the hands of consumers. Imagine having the ability to advertise, to amaze and

involve consumers with never-before-seen 3D effects,and all with the simplicity of

their glancing at the time on a wristwatch. This product can help you deliver high

impact, versatile and imaginative campaigns. Creating collectibles, measuring

promotion success, introducing new products, increasing brand recognition,

generating higher revenues and higher levels of security are all potential realities

with this product - music to every profit maker’s ears. Allows viewers to observe 3D

effects such as, depth or motion in a printed image as their viewing angle

changes. Available sizes: standard (1" x 9 1/4"). Youth (1"x8"). long (1" x 11")

Qty/Product 5000 Units
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iXtreme 3d Wristbands