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Anti-Sleep Headset with Alarm

SKU: APC-1058

Anti-Sleep Headset with Alarm SOS Fatigue Pro. The SOS Fatigue Pro is Anti-Sleep

Headset. The device with a built in alarm designed to keep you awake during times..



Anti-Sleep Headset with Alarm - APC-1058

of vigilance loss caused by drowsiness and fatigue. The device detects head nods

that occur that might indicate that you are in the process of falling asleep. It warns

you according to the mode that you choose: vibration, ringing, or the two modes

simultaneously. The SOS Fatigue Pro Anti-Sleep Headset is essential for all people

who use their vehicle in the workplace, such as taxi drivers, trucks, buses and trains.

It is also perfect for people who must demonstrate great vigilance, including security

guards, machine operators & people who borrow the route for a long period of time.

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Jan 27/23

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